Peace of mind

for independent seniors and their loved ones.

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Monitors for Falls

Spritely automatically checks on residents throughout the day and notifies a staff member if there is cause for concern.

Combats Loneliness

Spritely keeps residents connected with free video calling that’s designed with seniors in mind. It also increases social participation by connecting seniors with events and activities.

Two people video call on a tablet.
A woman delivers medication on a moped.

Supports Medication Adherence

Spritely takes care of monthly medication delivery and organises every dose, refill and reminder.

Tracks Health Vitals

Spritely empowers residents to wirelessly record their blood pressure, heart rate or weight at any time, and share the results with a health professional.

Our customers love what we do.

Spritely is a system that is very simple and easy to use.


Spritely's motion sensor provides a much greater sense of security.


As a retired GP I think Spritely is very important because it empowers people to know something about their own health conditions and how they can change.


For me the events and notices are very exciting because there is so much going on at the village.


Spritely is revolutionising aged care.
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